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Training with a US Marine Dad is a serious business. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate staying in shape for my adoring fans, especially for my muse Sophie. I’m no stranger to blood, sweat, and tears. Dad runs our 2-person unit like a well-oiled machine, always making sure our first aid kit is stocked and ready for action.

We can't afford a serious injury, so Dad applies his trusty healing salve on any scrapes and cuts I pick up from our rigorous workouts, or on the occasional hot spot. This stuff is like magic in a jar! It brings me instant relief from pain, prevents infections, soothes my skin, and helps my battleground wounds heal in no time. By the time we get home, I’ve already forgotten I was injured.

The all-purpose healing salve works wonders, and the best part? It's all-natural, crafted by my brilliant Mum. Honestly, is there anything she can't make? Between Dad's tough training and Mum's magical remedies, I'm ready to conquer anything – and look fabulous doing it. Watch out, Sophie, your royal hero is coming for you, with paws of steel and a heart of gold!


- Prince Hunter the Handsome

Organic All-Purpose Healing Salve

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  • organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic calendula flowers, organic raw beeswax, organic vitamin E, organic pure helichrysum essential oil, organic pure frankincense essential oil, organic pure rosemary essential oil

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