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Whether I'm out inspecting my Royal Estate, strutting down the block like the prince I am, or training with Dad, insects can be a real buzzkill. Don’t get me wrong, I can handle more than just bug bites, but scratching in public? Totally undignified.

That's why Mum always sprays me down with our special doggie insect repellent before I go outdoors. It has a delightful herbaceous scent, is all-natural, DEET-free, and keeps bugs at bay without irritating my sensitive royal skin. Plus, it’s safe for humans, so Dad uses it too! Talk about a royal win-win!

Unlike those other pet insect repellents that smell like they were brewed in a science lab, Mum's concoction smells like a stroll through an enchanted garden. And trust me, I’ve got a nose for these things. This stuff is pure magic—one spray and those pesky bugs don’t stand a chance. I can finally focus on more important things, like finding the perfect spot for my royal naps and practicing my regal wave. Life is tough when you're this handsome!


- Prince Hunter the Handsome

Organic Bug Spray

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  • distilled water, isopropyl alcohol, organic vegetable glycerin, organic pure geranium essential oil, organic pure citronella essential oil, organic pure cedarwood essential oil, organic pure lemon eucalyptus essential oil, organic pure lavender essential oil, organic pure rosemary essential oil

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