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It’s a tough job, being a royal pup with a taste for luxury. Call me a prince, but I just know what I like! Healthy skin and a shiny coat are my top priorities, along with smelling and feeling fabulous, naturally. After my daily boot camp training (which is basically a marathon disguised as a walk), my elbows get rougher than Dad’s old boots, my nose is as dry as a desert, and my skin feels itchier than a flea circus.

Enter Mum, my personal spa therapist, with her magic all-purpose moisturizer. This stuff is like a miracle in a jar! It makes my skin soft, my coat sleek and shiny, soothes my royal irritations, and helps me wind down after a long day of playing fetch and looking adorable. Plus, one whiff of the lavender essential oil and I’m out like a light, dreaming of treats and belly rubs.


- Prince Hunter the Handsome

Organic All-Purpose Moisturizer

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  • organic virgin hemp seed oil, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic shea butter, organic raw beeswax, organic vitamin E, organic pure lavender essential oil

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